Icinga Process Information
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Icinga Classic UI 1.13.4 (Backend 1.13.4) - Logged in as guest

Process Information
Program Version:1.13.4
Program Start Time:2019-07-19 02:40:02
Total Running Time:0d 3h 56m 6s
Last External Command Check:2019-07-19 06:36:01
Last Log File Rotation:N/A
Icinga PID2718
Notifications Enabled?
Notifications Disabled Expire Time:
Service Checks Being Executed?
Passive Service Checks Being Accepted?
Host Checks Being Executed?
Passive Host Checks Being Accepted?
Event Handlers Enabled?Yes
Obsessing Over Services?No
Obsessing Over Hosts?No
Flap Detection Enabled?Yes
Performance Data Being Processed?No
Process Commands
Shutdown the Icinga ProcessShutdown the Icinga process
Restart the Icinga ProcessRestart the Icinga process
Disable NotificationsDisable notifications
Stop Executing Service ChecksStop executing service checks
Stop Accepting Passive Service ChecksStop accepting passive service checks
Stop Executing Host ChecksStop executing host checks
Stop Accepting Passive Host ChecksStop accepting passive host checks
Disable Event HandlersDisable event handlers
Start Obsessing Over ServicesStart obsessing over services
Start Obsessing Over HostsStart obsessing over hosts
Disable Flap DetectionDisable flap detection
Enable Performance DataEnable performance data